Apr 01

Books for Sale by Dawson County Historical & Genealogical Society

The following books are available for purchase from the Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1074, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534; 706.265.3985; historicalsociety@dawsoncoutny.org; or at the Historic Courthouse in Dawsonville on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Cemeteries of Dawson County, Georgia. $30.00 ($35.00 shipped).

Dawson County, Georgia, Pictorial Book: The First Hundred Years (1857-1957)/. $43.00 ($48.00 shipped).

Yesterday Once More: A History of the Schools of Dawson County by Charles Finley. $30.00 ($35.00 shipped).

Of the Seeds They’ve Sown by Larry R. Pirkle. A collection of popular short stories published in national magazine. Larry is part of the sixth generation in his family to reside in the Etowah River district of Dawson County, Georgia. Paperback, $15.00 (18.00 shipped); Hardback, $25.00 ($30.00 shipped).

Cherokee Footpritns, Volume I by Charles O. Walker. $75.00 ($80.00 shipped).

Good-Fearing Criminals by J.M. Burt. A story of family life in rural Georgia. Paperback, $15.50 ($20.50 shipped); Hardback, $25,75 ($30.75 shipped).


  1. nicole burt

    Hi is the book Yesterday Once More still available to purchase?

    1. admin

      Sorry, I’m late in responding to your question about the book. You’ll need to contact the Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society to get an answer to the question.

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