Feb 28

Tombstone Tuesday: Ball Creek Baptist Church, Part I

Ball Creek Baptist Church, established in 1857, is located on Ga. Rt. 136 just woest of Keetor Road. A marble marker at the steps leading up to the cemetery reads:

“Ball Creek Church, Organized Aug. 5, 1857

Names of Presbytery: R. Jorden, James Underwood, John Holden

Names of Charter Members: A.K. Trible, John Langley, William Dover, Ealija Carrell (males; Maranda Allen, Elizabeth Dooley, Elizabeth Carrell, Delilia Collins, Jilley Underwood, Nancy Bracket, Dina a Blackwomen (females)”

Many veterans are interred herein. This is part of a series with photographs of headstones of the vets.


© Linda Woodward Geiger

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