Sep 30

Family Recipe Friday: No. Ga. JAY Food, Part 3

The following come of Joe Bailey’s manuscript, North Georgia JAY Food? It’s Growing, Harvesting, Preparation and Other Interesting Stuff with his permission.

Another good dish I can remember is FRIED SQUIRREL OR RABBIT. I used to contribute to this meal when I visited “Mamma and Uncle Charlie” in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I would go hunting in the fields and woods around the home place and kill squirrels and rabbits, bring them to the house and skin them for Mamma. She would cut them up flour them and fry them in HLG. This was a good meal to have with Hoe Cake and Fried Potatoes and Onions.

FRUIT PIES – FRIED OR COBBLER. My favorite was “Huckleberry”. Huckleberries grow wild on a bush about 12” – 18” off the ground. The berries are deep blue when ripe and get to be about ¼” in diameter. They are not as large as blueberries, and due to the small bush they grow on, is a lot of backbreaking work to get enough for a pie. They, just like blackberries, always grow in a place that has lots of “chiggers”. Lamp oil soaked rags tied around ones ankles and wrists are supposed to provide protection against chiggers, but, I always seemed to get them picking berries. Mamma made other good fruit pies from wild blackberries, raspberries grown next to the chimneys of the house, fresh apples and peaches and apples and peaches dried in the sun on pieces of tin roofing in the garden.

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Mr. Bailey would like to hear from anyone about their memories of any foods they think may have been passed down from their Jay Ancestors. Just send me a message at linda @ lindageiger.com and I’ll see that Mr. Bailey gets the message.

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