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Pleasant Union Baptist Church Cemetery

Pleasant Union Baptist Churc

Pleasant Union Baptist Church is a small church located on Steve Tate Highway in Dawson County, Georgia.

Interestingly enough,on page 24 of Dawson County, Georgia, Heritage, 1857-1996 (Dawsonville, Georgia: Dawson Co. Historical & Genealogical Society, 1997) has two entries for Pleasant Union Baptist Church, one prepared by Padgett Tinsley and the other by Evylene A. Canup. Both tend to agree that the church was established about 1869. Canup states that that James Reece deeded land to the church 8 December 1869.

There are about seventy markers in the cemetery, many are un-inscribed. Over twenty-five of the markers carry the surname Turner, the most prominent surname in the cemetery.

Marked graves of individuals passing before 1900 include:

1) John Lewis Grogan (born 18 July 1828 and died 29 July 1885). His marker indicates that he joined the church in July 1868 and became a deacon in 1872.

2) Decater Pettett (born 23 Nov 1842 and died 4 October 1890).

3) Soloman Clark (born  7 January 1795 and died 14 April 1883; “Clark’s Co Va Militia”, War of 1812.

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  1. Sons of Confederate Veterans

    Hello, I contacting you in regards of the desegrating of veteran graves in your cemetry. For the last several years, someone has stolen the flags off all (7) Confederate Veterans graves there. We members of the Dawson County Sons of Confederate Veterans, will no longer tolerate the desegration of there graves. We respectfully ask what “your” position on this subject is? Do you know if the caretaker is removing them, because he harbors anti- Southern behavior? we do not know. I have several interveiws scheduled with several local newspapers, regarding this subject ” The Desecration of our Confederte Veterans”. I eagerly await your response, and hopefully this matter can be resolved.
    Chester J. Doles Sons of Confederate Veterans

    1. admin

      I regret your findings, and certainly would not agree with the removal of the flags (Confederate or U.S.). I have no influence in this community, but I love its history.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for this little blurb. James Reece is my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was murdered (along with one of his sons) in Arkansas where he had moved his family and a group of other North Georgia families. His wife moved the family back to Georgia, and she is buried in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery near Ellijay (along with most of her children). It’s good to see a current picture of the church, as I hope to visit it during my next trip home to Georgia. It’s address is hard to find on the internet.

    1. admin

      It is always rewarding to know that someone has received some benefit from a blog post. Thanks for letting me know.

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