Jul 25

Military Monday: War of 1812 Widow’s Pension & Beyond

Rebecca A. Tatum, widow of Edward Tatum, applied for a War of 1812 pension under the Act of 9 March 1878. Edward served as a private in Capt Cannon’s Company in the South Carolina Militia. Copies were made of all of the documents in Rebecca’s pension application file #36382 (certificate #27906), at the National Archives, Washington, DC.

Rebecca was last paid $12 to 4 August 1908 and was dropped from the pension roll at her death on 16 August 1908. The pension records also tell us that Edward Tatum died 5 April 1870.

It is interesting to note that the 1870 U.S. Mortality Schedule for Pickens County, Georgia; National Archives microfilm series T655, reel 9 (viewed and abstracted at the National Archives Southeast Region in East Point, Georgia, in September 1997) shows an Edward Tatum, born in NC, died in April 1870 at the age of 78. The household reporting the death was family 612.

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