Jul 13

Scudders Bones or Not?

Jacob Scudder was a early white trader in the Cherokee Nation (now Forsyth County) and ultimately the first State Senator of Cherokee County. The family cemetery now being restored by the Forsyth County Historical Society had been damaged by vandals. Very recently bones were discovered at the site. Are they really the bones of Jacob Scudder, the bones someone else buried in the family cemetery, or bones of someone meeting foul play in the area many years ago? The Forsyth County Historical Society claims the bones to be those of Jacob Scudder, but the recent article in the Forsyth News (read the article), leads one to believe they are Scudder’s bones. Apparently no testing will be applied to the remains.

Color me skeptical, but the remains in Blackburn Cemetery in Forsyth County announced to be those of James Vann, murdered Cherokee, were not!

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