Jun 07

Military Monday

William C. Redden

Cornith Baptist Church Cemetery in Pickens County, Georgia, contains the Confederate tombstone of William C. Redden served with Co. D, 34th Georgia Infantry, C.S.A.

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  1. Kitty D Hoeck

    Is there a grave for indigent Confederate Soldier, Samuel Milton Buchanan, buried in the Corinth Cemetery? He died in 1896 but applied for an indigent civil war pention in 1895. He may not have been originally buried there but moved there when a housing development was put in. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. admin

      A couple of years ago, Ted O. Brooke and I completed a cemetery survey of Pickens County and published the results. We did not located a grave marker of any kind for Samuel Milton Buchanan (including slight name variations). Sorry! Linda

  2. KD Hoeck

    I have seen written on find a grave that it is an unmarked grave of several people or something like that.

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