May 30

Military Monday: Widow Pension for Jane C. Bozeman

Jane C. Bozeman, widow of Henry B Bozeman applied for a widow’s pension from the federal government based on Henry’s service in the 5th Tennessee Mounted Infantry.[1]

Jane resided in Jasper, Pickens County, Ga. On 17 May 1886, Lemuel J. Allred and Agnus Allred [her mark] testified that they were  present about the 25th day of August 1842 when Henry B. Bozeman and Jane C. McCutchen were married at the home of S.K. McCutchen’s (then in Cherokee County, Ga.). The couple was married by John Bibbs a JP of Cherokee County. Their children were: William A., born 9 March 1844; Cyntha C., born 10 October 1845; Nancy E[lizabeth]. born 25 September 1847; Martha E., born 26 July 1849, died June 1880; Mary Jane born 9 Feb 1852, died July 1853; David E, born 30 May 1855, died Jun 1864; Samuel A., born 27 April 1857, died June 1864; Rufus M, born 18 May 1859,  died July 1860; Julia E., born 9 July 1862; John  Sherman., born 19 April 1865; and Henry B., born 30 May 1867.

In addition the pension application contained a copy of Henry and Jane’s marriage record from Cherokee County indicating they were married on 23 August 1842; and an affidavit of Dr. C. Pickett, age 35 of Jasper, state that Henry B. Bozeman died 2 Dec 1883 of consumption.

Henry B. Bozeman did not apply for Back Pay due Union soldiers in January 1870.[2]

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[1] Widow’s pension application for Jane C. Bozeman (widow of Henry B. Bozeman), file no. 314724, Widow’s Certificate 224842, Records of Veterans Affairs, RG 15, National Archives, Washington, D.C., photographed 23 March 2006.

[2] Applications by Former Union Soldiers for Back Pay, Pickens County Inferior Court Record in the possession of Jewell Kelly Burnett of Talking Rock; Marble Valley Historical Society microcopy viewed 1 June 2001.


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