Apr 20

Follow-up on Supposed Remains of Chief James Vann

Lesson Learned! When I first transcribed the article, “Chief Vann Remains Exhumed” an article by RIP Whitfield appearing in the <em>Forsyth County News</em>, Cumming, Georgia, 13 September 1962,” in my post on March 24th, 2011, it was my intent to quickly follow up with an explanation that the exhumed body was not that of Chief James Vann. A search for specific newspaper articles regarding the error were not located and I got too busy to follow through and I hope my readers will accept my apologies.

Don L. Shadburn gave an account of the “Disinterment at Blackburn Cemetery: The Fenenga Report” in his book Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia (Cumming, Georgia: Don L. Shadburn, 1993). In fact, the Fenenga Report indicates that the remains exhumed near the Blackburn cemetery in Forsyth County were not those of James Vann who was killed in 1809. The report indicates that among other artifacts found at the excavation site were 5 pressed glass buttons. The report indicates that the process of making pressed glass did not occur until about 1825 and that the technique was not applied to making buttons until after 1840.  Lead capped screws were also found which were designed for coffin manufactures in 1846. There you are—if James Vann was killed in 1809, then this grave site would not have contained items first manufactured in 1825 or 1846. Readers may view a list of Don’s books on his website.

What lesson did I learn? In the future when I make a post (even though it is a transcription of something or a record in print) and I know that there is contradictory evidence, I will wait to post when all evidence is in hand, so the delay such as this does not happen again.

Again, I apologize for the confusion.

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