Apr 07

Made Out Cherokee Claims

Oh, Oh, I put the “cart before the horse” on Monday when I posted the short article regarding “The Cherokee claims” appearing in The Gainesville News on May 22nd 1907.

The following article appeared in The Gainesville News, 20 March 1907. Note: Several miss-spellings occurred in the article but have been transcribed as written.

Made Out Cherokee Claims
From the number of persons in the office of Congressman Thos. M. Bell in this city Saturday one would have thought the whole country had tuned Indian and the pale faces were extinct. This was caused by notice being given that Saturday was the last day for making out claims under the recent act of Congress, which appropriated $5,000,000.00 for the Cherokee Indian or their decendants, who had not participated in the orginal claims nor had received any bounty. Mr. Bell was kept busy for an entire day making out these claims. It is not known at this time how many of them will be allowed as the record must be perfectly clear and many of the applicants could not give the full names of their ancestors.

Article courtesy of Patricia K. Jones, Oakwood, Georgia.


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