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Apr 07

Spring – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

Stinking Benjamin (Wake Robin)

Spring makes me think of Stinking Benjamin, skunk cabbage, and tadpoles.


Isn’t it strange that things we rebelled against as children, we often treasure as adults.

With the first sign of spring Mom would insist that we all set out to explore the meadows and woodlands for signs of wildflowers. As children, we’d moan and groan and were shamefully ungrateful for the wonderful lessons Mom taught us.

When I became an adult I treasured the stollen moments when I could wander out into nearby meadows, woodlands, and creek beds to look for the wonderful wildflowers poking their dainty leaves above the earth and later showing off their brilliant colors and delicate blossoms. I remember forcing my son to take some of those excursions with me when he was young – he hated every minute of it and every mountain trail I made him climb with me! Today (and for some time now, I’m pleased to say) some of our happiest moments together are exploring natures wonders as we hike in Oregon and Georgia.

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