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May 08

Tribute to My Mom

Josephine Emma Perkins (1917-1993)

My Mom, Josephine Emma Perkins, met my father, Oscar Herman Woodward, Jr., when he returned to the home of his parents when he completed a tour of duty with the U.S. Army. His parents had recently moved to a house in Loudon, New Hampshire, that was directly across the street from the home of mother and maternal grandparents. Rev. H.F. Parker married Jo and Herman on 21 September 1940 in Chichester, New Hampshire. [1]

Mom served as the Town Clerk of Walpole, New Hampshire, from 1949-1951. Our living room had been converted to the office. I remember that on the first day of hunting season and the first day of fishing season she would be ready to issue licenses to the community and this was a service highly regarded by the busy farmers.

Following her service as town clerk, part of our living room and dining room (connected by a wide arch) became her paint studio. For many years she was a decorative painter for the local florist Herman Woodward (no relation) and his son Elliott who had a woodworking shop. Things got particularly crowded in our little house during the Christmas season.

Mom was creative and really enjoyed design. I think some of her best work were the design creations that she adapted for trays, boxes, chests, etc. using metallic powder stenciling and tole painting.

When I was a freshman in college, when back to college to finish her teaching degree. She taught English to junior high and high school students for years. Some of her best friends during retirement were former students and fellow faculty members.

Mom was an inspiration and I’m thankful for that. She passed away on the 2nd of January 1993.

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[1] Marriage Record of Oscar Herman Woodward Jr. and Josephine Emma Perkins, New Hampshire Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Hazen Road, Concord, New Hampshire.


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