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Mar 21

Movies – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

The first movie I ever saw was Song of the South (a story that continues to enchant me even today) at the Capital Movie Theater in Concord, N.H. Peter and I were about five years old and I recall that we had to wear a bandana over out mouth and nose in the movie theater. You see, Nana Perkins had suffered from polio and she and our mom were scared to death that the twins might become inflicted. We were rarely allowed to be in a crowd of people. At the time our family lived with Nana Perkins in the little village of Loudon located east of Concord.  This was the only movie theater I was ever in until I was in high school.

When we were about six our family moved to Walpole, N.H. and I recall that on rather rare occasions Mom and Dad would bundle us into the car and we’d go into Bellows Falls, Vermont, to the drive-in-theater. I have no recollection of what movies we saw.

When some of our high school friends got their drivers license it was easier to get into Bellows Falls or Keene to see a movie, that is if I’d saved up enough money to pay for a ticket.

Growing up in small villages (Loudon and Walpole, N.H. where I graduated from high school) did not lend itself to easy access to movie theaters.

During the past twenty-six years I think I’ve been to a movie theater about four times—to see Gettysburg, Jane Eyre, Cold Mountain, and recently the King’s Speech.

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