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Jun 04

52 Ancestors: #19 Cabinet Cards and Unknown Kin

The following four images were located among the effects of my late Grandmother, Alice M (Brown) Perkins, who died in 1983. There are multitudes of photographs of the Brown and Gale families, many identified, but I’ve never located any relating to the Perkins side of that marriage. Therefore, I’m very sure that these images relate the family of Alfred H. Brown (1838-1921) and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Gale (1851-1919) of Canterbury, New Hampshire. I’ll be delighted with any additional clues about these individuals.

Fig. 1 - Studio: Lewis, Hudson, Mass.

Fig. 1 – Lewis [Studio], Hudson, Mass.

Fig. 2 - Studio: Lewis, Hudson, Mass.

Fig. 2 – Lewis [Studio], Hudson, Mass.

Fig. 3 - Studio: F.F. Mettner, Photo Artist, 67 Mass. Street, Lawrence Kansas

Fig. 3 – Studio: F.F. Mettner, Photo Artist, 67 Mass. Street, Lawrence Kansas

Since both of the cabinet cards in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 were produced by the Lewis [Studio], I expect that they may be husband and wife. I’m not aware of any kin residing in Hudon, Mass., but my2nd great grandmother, Sophronia (Prescott) Brow, widow of Herman Brown, died in Boxborough, Mass. which is relatively near Hudson.



Fig. 3 was created in Lawrence, Kansas, by F.F. Mettner.

According to Chandler’s History of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 1735–1914 [1914]  states that John Stillman Brown, born 26 April 1806 in New Ipswich, NH, son of Aaron and Hannah (Brown) Brown (my third great grandparents). removed to Lawrence Kansas, about 1857, where he was a minister and farmer.  John S. Brown died in 1902, probably in Kansas. At least three of his four children also removed to Kansas.,

His sons, Charles Edward Brown and William Ripley Brown  Charles Edward Brown, son of John Stillman and Mary Ripley Brown. Charles Edward Brown was born 15 September 1842, and died 15 June 1880 in Lawrence, Kansas, where he was a farmer. His brother, William Ripley Brown had has moved to Kansas. William resided in Leavenworth, Kansas where he was a district judge, representative in Congress, and register of the U.S. Land Office.

Looking at the apparel of the gentleman in the photo, I’d be inclined to think that this is likely to be John Stillman Brown, but that is a guess, of course.

Fig. 4 was produced by the Gubelman Studio at 77 & 79 Montgomery Street, Jersey City.  This image has me totally stumped as I don’t know of any Brown or Gale family member residing in or near Jersey City.

Fig. 4 - Studio: Gubelman, Jersey City

Fig. 4 – Studio: Gubelman, Jersey City

The Wikipedia page illustrating timelines for cabinet cards may be very useful for dating the images.

All four of the images are mounted on heavy weight card stock, placing the image in the time frame from 1880 to 1890.

My work is cut out for me, but perhaps, just perhaps, one of the readers of this post will be able to assist in the identification of these four individuals.

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