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Apr 10

Sports – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

I’m very happy to have championed the New York Yankees of the 1950s. I first began to cheer for the team because the rest of the family (including Nana Perkins)  were die hard Red Sox fans and were positively against the Yankees. What a boring thing it would be for everyone to agree! Of course I was always out-voted when it came to what game would be heard on the radio. But I was not daunted, I was probably the only female in our little village to subscribe to Sports Illustrated which frequently featured my Yankees—Mickey Mantel, Yogi Berra, Gil McDougald, and Phil Rizzuto, to name a few.

Around 1957 or so I clipped this article from the newspaper and carried it around with me until it nearly fell to pieces. At that time I transcribed it. Alas, it was before I learned how important it was to document my sources so I cannot provide a proper citation. I’m inclined to say that I cut it out of theConcord Daily Monitor when I was visiting my Grandmother in Loudon, New Hampshire. Anyone interested in reading the transcript can go to Musings by Linda: Anamnesis

As a high school graduation present, my Grandfather Woodward (a Boston Braves fan) awarded Peter and I with a trip to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox dual the Yankees. Dad went with us. Our seats were directly behind 3rd base (enemy territory for everyone but me) about three rows up from the Yankee dugout—I could almost reach out and touch Clete Boyer who played third base for the Yankees. What a day!

My next thrilling baseball experience was when my college beau took me into Yankee Stadium to see a game. Thank you, Dick, for that wonderful experience!

I continued to cheer  for “My” Yankees until my late husband’s company moved us to Georgia. The local newspapers rarely mentioned the northern teams of the American League, after all this was now the home of the Braves. Since I loved baseball, the natural thing to do in this circumstance was to “root, root, root for the home team,” but it was never the same.

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