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Feb 25

Genealogical Treasures at Home

I dare to say that most family historians frequently overlook genealogical clues that are hiding in our homes? Thank goodness for clues that Charlie’s ancestors left behind in their autograph books. The Geiger family is fortunate to have not one, but two autograph books with entries dated as early as 1881. I dare say that Pauline Geiger and her future sister-in-law, Theresa Lutz, obtained their books at nearly the same time and each made an entry in each other’s books, signing as “cousin.” I don’t know if the girls were first, second, or most distant cousins, but I expect the common surname is Singer. I’ve not completed the research on their relationship at this point in time.


Besides containing the signature of the individual that autographed the book, most of the entries are dated and provide his/her residence. In some cases, elaborate art work is provided.

The autograph book of Pauline (Geiger) Weidner has nine-nine signed entries including her two step children. Theresa (Lutz) Geiger’s book surfaced a couple of years ago and I’m just beginning to scan and analysis the entries therein.

Originally published in Anamnesis

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