Jul 05

Military Service of Lewis M. Davis

Searching for possible military service of my great uncle, Lewis M. Davis was not straightforward. My first go to for Civil War service is the National Park Service database of Soldiers and Sailors [http://www.nps.gov/civilwar/soldiers-and-sailors-database.htm]. I’ve not used the site for quite a while and was greeted by a complete makeover since my last visit. I searched soldiers for “Lewis M. Davis” and “New Hampshire” with no result. Broadening the search I sought “Lewis Davis” and “New Hampshire with the following result:


NPS “Soldiers & Sailors” database

Who is this Lewis F. Davis serving in the 16th NH (middle entry). Could this entry have been miss-read by someone who interpreted the letter “M” as “F”?

Since I’m not physically located near a repository with the microfilm of New Hampshire service records, I needed to try another Online search tool. I turned to Ancestry.com. Ah Ha! Lewis M. Davis was located in the database “U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865. Like his brother-in-law, he had enlisted in Company E, New Hampshire 16th Infantry Regiment [Ancestry’s source: Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire].





Ancestry – “U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles

I found it interesting that this abstract indicates that Lewis M. was mustered out on the 20th of August 1863 at Concord, NH and died one day later.


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Jul 02

Davis Burials in Sawyer Cemetery, Merrimack County, NH

In September 1991, I was fortunate to have a road-trip with my uncle, Douglas Russell Woodward, while visiting in New Hampshire. Uncle Doug, 2nd child of Oscar H. Woodward and Sara Waddell, had spent much of his youth in West Franklin before his family removed to East Concord. We visited West Franklin where he pointed out the house his father rented on South Main Street while he was a young boy. He also showed me the house where he recalled his great grandmother Nancy (neé Glines) Davis resided and the cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, where she was buried with her husband and at least two of her children. Alas, I had no GPS unit at the time, nor did I take careful note of the location of the two homes. What was I thinking?

A DeLorme map of New Hampshire, published in 1984, illustrates the location of Sawyer Cemetery.

1984 map showing location of Sawyer Cemetery.

Green Arrow Points to Sawyer Cemetery near the head of Webster Lake

Apparently, at one time the road on which the Davis family resided (in Andover just over the Franklin line) continued on past Sawyer Cemetery and on to the head of Webster Lake. That road had long since been impassable in 1991.

Davis Tombstones in Sawyer Cemetery

Davis Tombstones in Sawyer Cemetery

Lewis Davis

Lewis Davis


Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis














Lewis M. Davis

Lewis M. Davis

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis














On that trip Uncle Doug also showed me the cemetery in Franklin where his paternal grandparents were buried the needle factory building were several of his uncles and great uncles worked. The needle factory will be discussed at a later date.


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Jul 01

From NH to Minnesota in a Conestoga Wagon?


Family Tradition…. Several family stories have been proven to be way off the mark and only apparent wishful thinking on the part of my grandfather and uncle. Consequently when my uncle told me that his great grandmother (Nancy Glines Davis) had gone to Minnesota in a Conestoga wagon, but had returned since they didn’t like living there, I was somewhat skeptical.

Many years later the memory and interest in the story was renewed when I found the will of Lewis M. Davis, written on10 November 1862 in Franklin, New Hampshire and probated in September 1963.[1] In his will, written while a soldier in service of the United States, “First One hundred and sixty acres of land situated in the town of Sauk Center Sterans County in the State of Minnesota….to Cora Judkins for her sole comfort and benefit she to come in possession at the age of eighteen the daughter of Horace and Esabeth Judkins…”




Lewis M. Davis, son of Lewis and Nancy (Glines) Davis,[2]  died  21 August 1863, at the age of 31.

I need to determine where and how he died. I suspect while he was serving with the Union forces.

Lewis is not a direct ancestor. His sister, Laura Davis, wife of Daniel R. Woodward, was my great grandmother. Daniel R. Woodward served in the Company E, 16th New Hampshire Volunteer Regiment.

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[1] Will of Lewis M. Davis, Probate Case #6128, Merrimack County, New Hampshire; Probate Clerk’s Office, Concord, New Hampshire.

[2] Tombstone of Lewis M. Davis, Sawyer Cemetery, located just off Hoyt Rd. near the Franklin and Andover town lines at the head of Webster Lake, Merrimack County, New Hampshire; viewed and photographed by Linda Woodward Geiger in September 1991.

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Jun 24


When reading Russ Worthingon’s blog, “A Find-A-Grave Experience“ today, it brought to mind that I’d never checked Find-A-Grave for any records of my late husband’s burial. He passed on the 22nd of June 2008 and according to his wishes his remains were cremated and taken to his hometown of Ottawa, Illinois, for burial in the Ottawa Avenue Cemetery where many of his family and ancestors had been interred.

I knew where Charlie was buried (I was there) and I have photographs of his marker, so it really never occurred to me to look for him in Find-A-Grave. Today I did! I searched for him using the filters of his surname, “Illinois” and died “2008.” Happy day, he was there, but not in total. Someone, with a username I cannot identify, had posted his obituary. There is not an image of his grave marker. It is apparent that the obituary was provided by the funeral home in Georgia that took care of the basic arrangements.

Apparently posting of obits is a common practice on Find-a-Grave.

Posted below is an image of the grave maker taken about 8 months after it was placed. I was dismayed to find that although the family has perpetual care, the lower left part of the stone had been over-run with grass.

Since Charlie and I had lived in Georgia for nearly 25 years when he died, I had a memorial plaque posted on a wall at the Big Canoe Chapel Cemetery.

DSCN3000 DSCN1524

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Dec 23

Bible of Alfred H Brown

Bible belonging to Alfred H. BrownThe Sunday School Class taught by Alfred H. Brown presented him with a Bible. Unfortunately, a date of publication has not been located.

The family records are sparse containing marriage and birth information for Alfred H. Brown and Miss Lizzie Gale and the birth dates fo their four children. The Bible also presented the opportunity for place of sixteen photographs, but only twelve have survived. It would be logical for the images to be those of family and close relatives. None of the images carry identification. Could some of the individuals be members of the Sunday School class?

I present you scans of the pages and will hope that someone will be able to identify some of the people.

Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown

Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown


Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown













Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown

Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown


Bible belonging to Alfred H. Brown













The Bible is in the possession of Linda Geiger, Big Canoe, Georgia.

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Jul 06

Your Story – Career

Scrapper’s Guide theme for the month of July is Career. I’ve completed two pages (teacher & genealogist), but have not yet completed the roles that were most important to me (#1 mother & #2 wife). I’ll be completing those pages later this month. But for now….


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Jun 29

Remembering Walpole High School

Three more scrapbook pages illustrating some of our high school activities. Can imagine growing up in a nicer community than Walpole, New Hampshire.

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Jun 27

Remembering WHS, Class of ’59

We were so very lucky to have been raised in a small village, Walpole, New Hampshire. Walpole (like many places in the state) was a friendly place, where everyone knew each other, doors were never locked, and the neighbors were all special and caring.

The village of Walpole had a large Town Hall. The second floor boosted a stage with a dance floor (of course the room was frequently set up with for plays, large meetings and all). On Saturday nights, the Allen Kendall orchestra played wonderfully dancing music, including both ballroom and square dancing—something for everyone. It was the place to be on Saturday nights when I was in hight school.

Our high school class (WHS, class of 1959) was small—there were 27 of us from three communities, Walpole, Drewsville, and Westmoreland. Though a very small community during our sophomore year some of our parents called in a professional dance couple to teach us the basics of ballroom dancing and etiquette. I remember that year fondly. At the end of our sessions, my parents hosted a small dinner party for my twin and I and our dates and another couple before we headed out to show off our skills in a dance competition.


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May 30

Family Scrapbook Pages

This is the fifth challenge of “Your Story. Brilliant!” offered as a class by Linda Sattgast of ScrappersGuide.com. For this challenge I used paper & elements from Ever After kit by Krystal Hartley (Copyright 2010) and Scrappers Guide. The photographs are from my family collection.

The focus theme was “Early Childhood through Grade School.” Again the pages are not just about me, but about my twin (we were tighter than two peas in a pod). As usually, as the the month neared its end, I completed the task.

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May 08

Postcard from 1886 Acknowledges Birth

Alice Margaret Brown was born in Canterbury, New Hampshire, 20 February 1886, to Alfred Hermon and Margaret Elizabeth (Gale) Brown. My sister recently found the postcard scanned for display here among some old papers of Nana Perkins (AM Brown). Although she is not named, the card obviously is in reference to her birthday three days prior to the date on the postmark of the postcard.

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