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52 Ancestors, Week #32: Jonathan Prescott of Lancaster & Concord, Massachusetts

Jonathan Prescott was one of my seventh great grandfathers was the son of my immigrant ancestor John Prescott and Mary Platts. Capt. Jonathan Prescott was a resident of Lancaster, Massachusetts, and later a resident of Concord, Middlesex County. He was a militia captain

Jonathan Prescott. Birth date and place unknown, but he may have been born in Watertown about 1643;[1] married first, 3 June 1670, a woman called Dorothy on the 3rd day of the 6th month, 1670 (she died in 1674[2]);[3] married, second Elizabeth Hoar of Concord, 23 December 1675;[4] married, third, Mrs. Rebecca (Wheeler) Bulkley, widow of Peter Bulkley, Jr., 18 December 1689;[5] married, fourth, Ruth Brown on 18 August 1718;[6] and died, 5 December 1721.[7]

Jonathan Prescott and Dorothy had three known children.[8]

i.        A child. Born 2 May 1671; [9] and died the same day (2nd day of the 3rd month 1671).[10]

ii.        Jonathan Prescott. Born 10th day of the 2nd month, 1672; [11] died 4th day of the 3rd Month, 1671.[12]

iii.        Samuel Prescott. Born 1674; married Esther Wheeler, 5 May 1698; and died 25 July 1758.

Jonathan Prescott and Elizabeth Hoar, his second wife, and six known children.[13]

iv.        Jonathan Prescott (Dr.). Born 5 April 1677; married Rebecca Bulkley, 9 July 1701; died 28 October 1729 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. For additional information about this family, please see 52 Ancestors, Week #31: Dr. Jonathan Prescott

v.        Elizabeth Prescott. Born 27 September 1678; married in Concord, 1 July 1696, John Fowle of Woburn. The couple was married by Justice Minott.[14]

vi.        Dorothy Prescott.  Born 31 March 1681;[15] married 14 July 1702, Edward Bulkeley. The couple resided in Weathersfield, Connecticut in 1748.

vii.        John Prescott. Born 13 May 1683; [16] died 28 January 1706.

viii.        Mary Prescott. Born 14 August 1685;[17] married, 16 April 1702, John Miles.

ix.        Benjamin Prescott (Rev.). Born 16 September 1687;[18] graduated at Harvard College in 1709; ordained at Salem Village (Danvers), 23 September 1713; died 28 May 1777.[19] He married three times. He married first, 20 October 1715; Elizabeth, daughter of John Higginson of Salem; married, second, 15 July 1732, Mercy, daughter of Rev. Henry Gibbs of Watertown; and, third, 6 October 1748, widow Mary (Pepperell) Frost Coleman (sister of Sir William Pepperell).

Future Research

Study the deeds of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to study land ownership of the Prescott families.

Study Middlesex County Probate Records to locate additional family evidence.


© Linda Woodward Geiger.


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