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52 Ancestors, Week #31: Dr. Jonathan Prescott

Doctor Jonathan Prescott, one of my sixth great grandfathers, resided in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, where he was a physician.

South_91C36A_edJonathan Prescott. Born 5 April 1677, son of Jonathan Prescott and his second wife, Elizabeth Hoar;[1] married 9 July 1701 Rebecca Bulkley, daughter of Peter Bulkley; and he died, 28 October 1729 in Concord.[2] He was buried in the “South Burying Place” of Concord. [3]

Jonathan Prescott and Rebecca had eleven known children.[4]

i.      Jonathan Prescott. Born 3 June 1702; and married a woman named Mary.

ii.      Rebecca Prescott. Born 14 August 1704.

iii.      John Prescott (Dr.). Born 8 May 1707; graduated from Harvard College in 1727; and married Ann Lynde. John Prescott was a physician in Concord and died there in February, 1775.[5] He had five known children.

iv.      Peter Prescott. Born 17 April 1709; graduated from Harvard College in 1730 where he studied law; married a woman named Elizabeth in 1746/7; and died in 1784 at the age of 75.

v.      Charles Prescott (Col.). Born 15 august 1711; married, about 1736; Elizabeth Barrett; died 2 February 1779.

vi.      Elizabeth Prescott. Born 2 December 1713; and married, 24 June 1731; Rev. David Hall.

vii.        Dorothy Prescott. Born 13 May 1716; and died 5 July 1784.

viii.        Abel Prescott (Dr.). Born 7 April 1718; married, first, Abigail Brigham; married, second, 12 June 1775, Mrs. Mary Beaton; and died 26 October 1805, of mortification of the foot. For more about this family please see my blog 52 Ancestors, Week #30.

ix.        Mary Prescott. Born 3 July 1720.

x.        Lucia Prescott. Born 25 August 1723; and died 20 April 1725.

xi.        Benjamin Prescott. Born about 1724/5/ and was killed during the French and Indian War in May, 1745 while on an expedition.

Future Research

A list of deaths in French Prison Camps, 1757–1758 indicates that a Jonathan Prescott died while in France.[6] I need to determine whether this is the eldest son of Jonathan and Rebecca Prescott.

Study the deeds of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to study land ownership of the Prescott families.

© Linda Woodward Geiger.


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[5] Lemuel Shattuck, History of the Town of Concord; Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from Its Earliest Settlement to 1832; and of the Adjoining Towns, Bedford, Acton, Lincoln, and Carlisle (Boston: Russell, Odiorne, and Company, 1835), 245.

[6] Frederick W. Wead, Esq., “Deaths in French Prison Camps, 1757–58,” The American Genealogist 25 :157.


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  1. Rhonda

    The Prescott family in my family line. Jonas Heywood Married Ann Prescott.

    1. admin

      Happy you commented, Rhonda. Always so nice to hear from a cousin/

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