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52 Ancestors, Week #29: John Prescott of Concord, Massachusetts.

John Prescott was one of my fourth great grandfathers. He was of age to have served in the Revolutionary War with his brothers, Samuel and Abel. However, there were several John Prescotts that were involved during that conflict and more work needs to be done to sort them into their respective Prescott families.

John Prescott. Born on 23 Apr 1743; married Grace Potter, 22 January 1765, in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts;[1] died in Concord, 12 March 1821;[2] and was buried in South Burying Place, Concord.

Grace Potter, daughter of Samuel Potter and Elizabeth [–?–], was born, 10 August 1746 in Concord; and she died in Concord, 10 March 1827.[3]

John Prescott and Grace Potter had six known children all of whom were born in Concord, Massachusetts.[4]

i.      Jonathan Prescott. Born, 4 April 1767;[5] married Rebecca Meriam, 13 August 1789, in Concord; died on 13 April 1800; and was buried in South Burying Place in Concord.

ii.      Samuel Potter Prescott. Born, 19 March 1769.[6] – see blog 52 Ancestors, Week #28

iii.      John Prescott. Born, 27 September 1770;[7] and died from a small pox inoculation, October 1792.[8]

iv.      Abigail Prescott. Born, 30 September 1771.[9]

v.      Abel Prescott. Born, 23 February 1773;[10] married Mary Perry, in Westford, Middlesex County, 7 August 1796;[11] and died in Concord, 19 December 1821.

vi.      Grace Prescott. Born, 24 Jul 1774.[12]

Federal Census Records

The family of John Prescott was enumerated in Concord in 1790 with four males of sixteen years and upwards (his eldest son, Jonathan was married and residing away from his father’s home), and three females.[13]

In 1800, the John and his wife were residing in Concord with one female between the ages of twenty-six and forty-four.[14]

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  1. Cheryl Prescott

    Please, Please help me locate my Great Great Grandmother who I sincerely believe married cardinal Prescott her name was Maud Evans (Prescott married name) both lived in Barbados West Indies and had a child Esther Ruth Prescott. Can you please help me your time and consideration will greatly be appreciated.

    Love and Blessings,

    Cheryl Prescott

    1. admin

      Cheryl, I regret that I have no knowledge of any Cardinal Prescott or his wife Maud Evans. You indicate that the couple lived in Barbados West Indies. What time frame might that have been?

  2. Lorr

    It was such a wonderful surprise to find such an extensive search for the Prescott lineage. I have spent so much time researching the internet and finally found your website. I live in Pittsburgh PA. so I had no local frame of reference to search. My mother Dorothy DiLallo’s , mother, Marie Prescott, was related to Coronel William Prescott who lead the Miltia at Bunker Hill. I know there are tons of Prescott’s from Massachusetts and I am trying to find out how Dr. Samuel Prescott from the “ride with Paul Revere and Dawes” is related to William Prescott. Can you give any help with this. I was thinking William was and Uncle of Samuel.
    I want to do a family tress from Marie Prescott back to William.
    I have twin nephews who went to West Point and graduated. They are both Lieutenant’s in the Army and are serving right now, and I thought this would be a terrific Christmas present for them next year to create a family tree.
    God Bless Our Military.

    Thanks so much if you can help,

    1. admin

      In the The Prescott Memorial: Genealogical Memoir of the Prescott Families in America by William Prescott, MD (Boston: 1870), there are lots of William Prescotts. If you can give me more information about your William, I’ll be happy to see if I can find him in this undocumented publication.
      Good luck! Linda

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