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52 Ancestors: #13 Homer Lathe Perkins

HLPerkinsHomer Lathe Perkins was one of nearly thirty thousand men between the ages of thirty-seven to forty-five who answered the call of the Selective Service to register for the draft on the 12th of September 1918.[1] That, in it self, is not surprising. However, her resided in the village of Loudon and I would have expected him to travel into Concord (only 8 miles away from his home) to register. Why did he register in Franklin (some 22 miles away)?  That is a puzzle to which I need a solution.

Unfortunately I never met my Grandfather Perkins—he died before I was born. But I do know that he was a wheeler and dealer. I have in my possession a large number of original deeds relating to his buying and selling of land in and about Loudon. His wife, Nana Perkins, once told me that he’d buy a house, she’d work hard to make it a home and as soon as she did, he’d sell the place. I knew she lived in the house I remember in Loudon for several years before his death and when I asked her how she managed to stay there, she said, “When he put out the ‘for sale’ sign, I simply when out in the yard and yanked it up and he got the message.”



In 1930 Homer and Alice purchased a new Chevrolet Sedan from Gossville Garage in Epsom, N.H.








Homer Lathe Perkins, son of John Butter Perkins and Emma Adeline Jenkins, was born in Loudon (Merrimack County), New Hampshire, 16 June 1879.[2] He died 22 August 1939 in Loudon.[3]

Homer L. Perkins and Alice M. Brown were married 8 April 1908 in Chester (Rockingham County), New Hampshire, by Albert Hall, Minister of the Gospel.[4]

The couple had two daughters.[5]

i.      Helen Elizabeth Perkins, born 7 February 1909 in Loudon;[6] died 14 November 1976 in Keene (Cheshire County), New Hampshire;[7] and was buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord (Merrimack County), New Hampshire. She and John William Galloway were married, 18 July 1936, in Loudon by William Hastings, Congregational minister.[8] Helen and John had one child.

ii.      Josephine Emma Perkins, born 30 December 1917 in Concord, New Hampshire;[9] died in York, Maine;[10] and was buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery, in Concord. She married Oscar H. Woodward, Jr., September 1940 in Chichester, New Hampshire.[11] Josephine and Oscar had four children.

perkins-woodwardHomer and Alice are buried in Blossom Hill Cemetery, Concord, New Hampshire.

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