Jun 27

Remembering WHS, Class of ’59

We were so very lucky to have been raised in a small village, Walpole, New Hampshire. Walpole (like many places in the state) was a friendly place, where everyone knew each other, doors were never locked, and the neighbors were all special and caring.

The village of Walpole had a large Town Hall. The second floor boosted a stage with a dance floor (of course the room was frequently set up with for plays, large meetings and all). On Saturday nights, the Allen Kendall orchestra played wonderfully dancing music, including both ballroom and square dancing—something for everyone. It was the place to be on Saturday nights when I was in hight school.

Our high school class (WHS, class of 1959) was small—there were 27 of us from three communities, Walpole, Drewsville, and Westmoreland. Though a very small community during our sophomore year some of our parents called in a professional dance couple to teach us the basics of ballroom dancing and etiquette. I remember that year fondly. At the end of our sessions, my parents hosted a small dinner party for my twin and I and our dates and another couple before we headed out to show off our skills in a dance competition.


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  1. Debra Kendall

    Allan Kendall was my father, he passed away yesterday morning (May 5, 2014). It was so wonderful to stumble across your posts about the Allen Kendall Orchestra and how much you enjoyed the dances. I grew up listening to him practice the trumpet and rehearsing material for those dances. Thank you so much for sharing would love to hear more stories and remembrances.

    1. admin

      We are greatly saddened by the news of your father’s passing, Debra. He brought such happiness to many of us who knew him through his wonderful trumpet and orchestra. May he rest he peace.

    2. Juli" Boufford" Langley

      Debra, My father Pete Boufford played with you father back in the day.
      My mother said your father recorded a couple of records, she has been trying to find a copy of this music for my dad for Christmas.
      If you look on Facebook you can see my dad, I had created a Facebook page for him when his Saxophones was stolen. The same saxophones he played in your fathers band from 1956 into the 1970s.
      Before that he played with you uncle Hale in the 1940s before going in the Air Force in 1952.
      If you know of any of the recordings I could get a copy of please let me know. This would make my father very happy to listen to it.
      Oh and I did find his Saxophones and get them back to him.
      Thank you, Juli Langley

    3. Juli" Boufford" Langley

      Debra, I am looking for some recordings of your fathers band.
      My father played with your fathers dance band from 1956 into the 1970s. Before that he played with your Uncle Hale in the 1940s until he went into the Air Force in 1952.
      if you know of anywhere that I could find a copy I would really appreciate it, my mother would like to get a copy for my father for Christmas.
      Thank You, Juli

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