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1940 Census – Loudon, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

1940 U.S. Census, Population Schedule, Loudon, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, Enumeration District 7-57, Sheet 3-A; downloaded from Archives.gov 3 April 2012.

The unincorporated area called Loudon Village was enumerated on 9 April 2012 by Wm. Joyce Medlock. My parents were listed with their respective parents. Their homes where on opposite sides of Main Street directly across from one another.

Family of Alice M. Perkins (Alice furnished the information)
Lines  18–20, household no. 42; Alice owned her home worth $3,000; in 1935 the family lived in the same house;
Household members (all born in New Hampshire): 1) Alice M. Perkins, head, age 54, widow, completed 4 years of high school; 2) Josephine E. Perkins, daughter, age 22, completed two years of college, and employed as an office attendant in a hospital; and 3) Alice M. Deprey, lodger, age 28, completed two years of college, and employed as a school teacher.
Family of Oscar H. Woodward (Sara Woodward furnished the information)
Lines 21–24, household no. 43; Oscar owned his home worth $3,000; in 1935 the family lived in Concord, Merrimack County, NH
Household members:1) Oscar H. Woodward, head; age 60, completed four years of high school, born in NH, and employed as a trackman for a steam railroad;  2) Sara M Woodward, wife, age 58, completed two years of high school, born in Nova Scotia; 3) Oscar H Woodward Jr, son, age 25, completed four hears of high school, born in NH, in 1935 he was in the U.S. Army, and employed as a truck driver; and 4) Jean M. Collins, lodger, age 15, completed 8 years of school, and born in NH.

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