Feb 25

Family Treasure

This desk was given to me by my mother in October of 1977. It had been in the family for years and I fondly remember Nana Perkins using the desk every time she set about answering letters, writing invitations, and all. Following Nan’s death, Mother used the desk for the same purposes.

In an obscure drawer in a cubicle hidden by a locked door we found a note by which my third great grandmother had made arrangements to transfer the desk to my great grandfather Alfred H. Brown, at the time of her death. The note reads

“The living know that they must die,
But all the dust forgotten lie;
Their memory and their sense is gone,
Alike unknowing and unknown.
Then what my thought Design to do,
My hands with all your might pursue
Like no Device nor work is found,
_or faille nor hope beneath the ground
For Value received I promise
Alfred H. Brown my Desk at
My decease”
[Signed] Elizabeth Goddard.

Now that little drawer also contains two more notes, one by which Nana Perkins gave the desk to my Mom, and the other…my Mom to me.

Originally published in Anamnesis

(c) 2011 Linda Woodward Geiger, All Rights Reserved.


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