Feb 25

Radio and Television

Television time. What’s that? My family didn’t purchase one until after my twin and I had left home. There were probably two reasons why we didn’t have one: 1) our family was always struggling just to put food on the table and pay the mortgage and 2) Peter and I really didn’t want one. We loved to read and listen to great mysteries and comedies on the radios-Who remembers “Mr. & Mrs. Keene Tracers of Lost Persons,” “Jack Benny,” “Jack Armstong, the All American Boy,” etc.? Why would anyone want to shut off his imagination and watch the “boob tube.”  We really wanted our younger brother and sister to also enjoy the finer things in life by devouring books like we did. Our family also enjoyed playing games, I was sure that TV would ruin that wonderful family time.

When we graduated from high school and flew the nest (Pete went into the Army and I went off to Keene State), my Dad did buy a TV and cleaned out a portion of the basement to hold his “home theater.” When we came home to visit, we rarely went to the basement to watch the “tube,” instead, we read and played games just like we had before leaving home.

The first TV I owned was a couple of years after I married and you know, we didn’t watch it much at all unless it was in the evening. There were some great variety shows and some wonderful comedies that we did enjoy (the Carol Burnett Show and Laugh-In were two of my favorites) and it was cheaper than buying movie tickets.

My late Sir Charles loved to watch the morning, noontime, and evening news programs, but watched little else. Today my favorites are hockey, soccer, and baseball when I have time.  I also enjoy some of the cooking shows on the Food Network, and Masterpiece Theater on PBS.

Of course, I also enjoy “Who Do You Think You Are?”

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