Aug 20


It appears that once my ancestors hit the Massachusetts Bay Colony in around 1650 or so, they have not ventured far. Yes a few traveled up the coast a relatively short distance to what is now York County, Maine, and a handful of others moved inland from the coast to Concord, Methuen, or Haverhill, Massachusetts and later north into New Hampshire. However, except for a couple of collaterals, they did not venture far.

It seems that I was the first to make a permanent home elsewhere when my late husband’s work transferred us to the Atlanta area. When Charlie retired he really didn’t want to back to New England—well, it really wasn’t the county side, he just didn’t want to go back to snow. My son moved even further—when traveling around the country after he graduated from the University of Massachusetts, he found Oregon and has lived there ever since.

I’ve been in Georgia over twenty-five years now and am trilled that my kid brother decided to move down from New Hampshire to share my humble mountain home. He arrived two weeks ago with his old German Shepherd, Niko, It’s easier for Niko than it is for Rich. Adjustments need to be made—life style, climate, cultural, et al. Niko already seems to be very content with his new digs.

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