Apr 20

Restaurants – week 16: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

Our challenge this week is to discuss restaurants of our childhood. You know, that’s hard to do when your family very rarely went to a restaurant. When we lived in Loudon (until I was about 6 & 1/2) there were no restaurants around and excursions into the thriving city of Concord were few and far between. We moved west to Walpole about 1947. Again, the village did not have much to offer in the way of restaurants, even if my folks had been able to find the money to splurge. In a way we frequently ate when the weather was pleasant. Mom packed a terrific picnic! I remember items were packed in bowls or pyrex baking dishes and pitchers and then wrapped in layers and layers of newspapers to keep the food warm or cold depending on the need.

Excursions to the a dairy for ice-cream was a grand treat. When we were in Loudon, we drove to Laconia to Week’s Dairy Bar. Delightful home-made ice cream in many varieties. When we were in Walpole, the family would drive into Keene to McKenzie’s Dairy Bar. That was a unique experience because the dairy bar was attached to a special barn that had plate glass windows. In the early evening, we could have our ice cream and watch the cows being milked with special high tech equipment. What fun!

As an adult I always enjoy the Red Mill in Westminster and the Old Mill in Sudbury, Massachusetts. I’ve never found a wonderful spot in the Atlanta area—well, Baby Does, but that place closed over ten years ago.

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