Mar 27


During week #13 of 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History, the topic is “Sweets.” What, you ask, does a Steeple clock have to do with sweets?

When my twin brother and I were toddlers, we lived in an apartment across from Craigen’s Store in Loudon Village, New Hampshire. At the time Dad was away most of the time serving as a Marine during World War II. I know now that money was very tight for the family and as I look back, I can understand it better. I remember Mom washing clothes using a galvenized tub and a scrub board, but I digress.

Our parents tried their best to make Dad’s furloughs memorable. One of their favorite activities was to stage bubble contests using bubble gum (a nice sweet flavor). To our delight every one in the family participated. There was much laughter … that is until it was time to clean up and the kerosene was called into action. Mom would tie my hair away from my face in hopes that I wouldn’t get gum in my hair, but I generally managed to do so anyway.

Any left over gum was stored in the back of the steeple clock that was kept on a shelf behind the living room couch. I recall wanting a piece so very badly (even though I was not supposed to have it) that I set out to invade the storeage place. The clock came crashing down on my head and several parts broke off. Needless to say my Mom was most unhappy and I received the punishment I certainly diserved.

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  1. Victoria S. Abernathy

    Love this. We also grew up with a “steeple” clock, and it brings back many memories, One of my brothers had a nose for where Mother kept the rare sweets, and fortunately it wasn’t in the clock ’cause he may have had your experience in retrieval. So happy to know what the clock is called. (Hope dealing with you didn’t include a peach tree switch. Their
    various bumps producing a sharp stinging effect, and the thought of sparing use on bare legs was enough to deter finding lots of sweets for me.)

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