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52 Ancestors: #11 Aaron Brown

Researching ancestors with the surname Brown can be a challenge at best, but when they marry first and second cousins, things can become quite confusing. This appears to be a common phenomenon among my Brown ancestors who settled in Concord, Massachusetts, and then moved on into New Ipswich, New Hampshire in the 1700s.

My third great grandfather, Aaron Brown, was the fifth known child of Josiah Brown and Sarah Wright. He was born in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, on the 8th of December 1772[1] and died 15 February 1828.[2] Aaron married his first cousin Hannah Brown on the 16th of April 1795.[3] Hannah, daughter of John Brown and Elizabeth Bateman was born 28 April 176 and died 15 February 1852.[4] Aaron and Hannah were buried in New Ipswich’s Central Cemetery.[5]

According to Candler, Aaron occupied “the farm of his father-in-law, John Brown on the crest of the mountain. He also for a few years after the construction of the turnpike kept a store near his home. He sturdily maintained the activities of his father, Capt. Josiah Brown, being a lieutenant and also a prominent supporter of the Baptist church, and like his father, a deacon.”[6]

The couple had at six known children.

i.      Betsey Brown was born 23 January 1796; and died 26 January 1804.[7]

ii.      Aaron Brown was born 28 September 1797; and died 22 May 1798.[8] Aaron is buried in the Hill Cemetery, New Ipswich, New Hampshire.[9]

iii.      Addison Brown was born 11 March 1799;[10] and died 11 May 1872.[11] Addison married Ann Elizabeth Wetherbee, 13 December 1832.[12] Addison and Ann Elizabeth were buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, Vermont.[13]

iv.      Hermon Brown was born 28 December 1800.[14] [See blog post http://www.musingsbylinda.com/MyFamily/?p=690]

v.      Mary Brown was born 14 February 1803;[15] and died 1 December 1837.  She married William Billings, 2 December 1835.[16]

vi.      John Stillman Brown was born 26 April 1806; died 1902; married Mary Ripley, 16 August 1836.[17] John and Mary are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas.[18]

Future Research

  1. Search the Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Index to Probate Records, 1771-1921[19] for reference to the Estate of Aaron Brown.
  2. Search for a map, with residence indicated, of New Ipswich and vicinity about 1830 or so.
  3. Sort through the numerous “Brown” deeds previously transcribed or abstracted to sort men with the same name and determine what property Aaron and Hannah Brown owned in New Ipswich and possibly in other parties of Hillsborough County.


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