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Why were Alice M. Brown & Homer L. Perkins married in Chester, NH?

Among the effects of my grandmother, Alice M. (Brown) Perkins, was a certificate of marriage (image shown in Fig. 1). When I first saw this slip of papers many years ago, but after the death of my grandmother, I thought it strange that she married Homer L. Perkins in Chester (Rockingham Co.), NH. She had been born and raised in Canterbury and he in nearby Loudon. Nana Perkins once told me that she had boarded in the home of Homer’s parents, John B. and Emma (Jenkins) Perkins,  when she had taught at the Yellow School in Loudon. I eventually passed off the “strange” marriage location to the romantic notion of elopement. That assumption proved to be incorrect.

I’ve recently begun a huge project of scanning the documents that I’ve collected during my family research during the past forty years plus. I’m finding some valuable treasures.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Newspaper Article – a Revelation. This morning, I found an article (see Fig. 2) regarding the 25th wedding anniversary of Homer and Alice. The article contains several pieces of information including whey they were married in Chester. As the above certificate indicates, the couple was married on the 8th of April 1908 by the Rev. Albert E. Hall. In the newspaper clipping below (newspaper not identified) we are told in the 3rd paragraph, that the Rev. Hall had been a former pastor of the Canterbury Church. In fact Rev. Hall was the minister of The Center Congregation Church in Canterbury from June 16, 1895 to March 27, 1898.[1] It is likely, then that the Brown family had belonged to Hall’s congregation, but at this point in time I have no evidence of that.

The article also provided an interesting fact about my grandfather, Homer L. Perkins, that I never knew. I knew that he own a store in Loudon Village, and was strongly involved in buying and selling real estate. What I didn’t know was that he had left Loudon to study law, but had left those studies to return to Loudon. Now, where or under whom did he read law? Another project for research.

[1] James Otis Lyford, History of the Town of Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1727–1912, 2 volumes (Concord, New Hampshire: The Rumford Press, 1912), I: 314.

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Fig. 2

Fig. 2

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