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Mar 21

The Ultimate Tote Bag

The large “Ultimate Tote Bag” (pattern design of Linda Jeffreys found at Sew Memorable, Dawsonville, Georgia) is very roomy and delightful for carrying items such as a notebook, camera, small laptop, etc. to a research repository. It is versatile enough to even carry your towel, et al to the beach. The pattern calls for two outside pockets on one side of the bag, but you can decide if you want one or two pockets on one or two sides. The design also calls for pockets on the interior of the bag to help organize the tote even more.

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Feb 26

Casserole Kimono

In a December post ofGenea-Quilters ‘Ole Myrt provided a photo of the Casserole Kimono she made for Carrie. I was inspired and thought this would be fun to make for myself and also as a possible house gift visiting friends. Thanks, Myrt, for the post!

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