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Jul 08

Moda Bake Shop: Cup Cozy

I just love Mode Bake Shop! Loads of fresh and whimsical designe that appear every couple of days or so. The projects, complete with “ingredients” and instructions range from quilts, to quilted toy leashes. The cup Cozy recently caught my eye. I had all of the ingredients and since I absolutely abhor sweating vessels containing cold drinks (use absorbant stone coasters everywhere in the house), I decided this cup cozy was right up my alley. It works beautifully!


  • 10 5″ charm squares (A charm pack could make 4 coordinating Condensation-erators!)
  • 2 buttons
  • A scrap of batting approx 10″x15″
  • A pony tail tie
  • General sewing supplies

I’ve made a couple of these using the 5″ charm square. The cup cozy, however, is large. Useful for large drink containers, but two large for a normal size tumbler or a can of soda. Think I’ll experiment using 4 inches squares. But for now….



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May 12

Sewing double

A misty moisty afternoon is great for sewing. Two small projects were accomplished today—a couple of pillow cases and a couple of placemats.

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Jan 17

My First Quilt


The first quilt I made was for my son, Marc. He loved mice, ladybugs, and all small creatures.

I cringe when I think of all the things I didn’t know about quilting when I constructed this quilt on a dime. Instead of batting (I didn’t even know what batting was—but no matter, I wouldn’t have have been able to find the money to purchase it with anyway), I used two old sheets for the filler. The top was completely made from scrapes left over from clothing construction for myself and my son. The only purchase was the checkered fabric I found on sale at Weintraubs in Worcester. At the time, we were residing in our little “Cape Cod” house at 5 Granger Road, Westborough, Massachusetts.

Although the quilt has seen a lot of use over the years and is a little worse for wear, I wouldn’t part with it for the world.


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Nov 14

Cabo Bucket Tote & Heavenly Textured Handbag

It is always such a pleasure to complete a sewing project. Today I have double satisfaction as I completed two purses that were in progress. In the photograph, the bag on the left is the Cabo Bucket Tote made with a cheerful winter scene of cardinals and other winter birds. On the right is the Heavenly Textured Handbag (I adapted the pattern a little bit as I did not have any Texture Magic™ on hand).

Which do I like best? The Cabo Bucket Tote wins hands down and not just because I love the patten on the fabric. The Cabo has more pocket, it has a nice little magnet mechanism to give the purse a nice shape, and it uses D-rings to attach the handles which are a nice touch.


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Nov 13

Cabo Bucket Tote

Had a nice time at the quilting class at The Common Thread in Dahlonega recently. Cindi Clark was a fine instructor and we (the five students) had an informative, yet enjoyable time.

The fabrics were a pleasant variety. For a long time, I’ve desired a special wintery purse, and I think I found just the fabric. I had to leave class before I completed my project, but all I need to do are three steps… Attach the lining and stitch a decorative seam across the top and sew on the button. I expect I’ll find time to complete the Tote this evening and will post a pic promptly. Here is a view of the fabric I choose.





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May 02


This past week I had an opportunity to take a class on constructing a cloth wallet (from a quilter’s stash) with Jeanne  at Sew Memorable.  We used a pattern created by Karen Comstock of Quiltricks in Cary, N.C.

The first three image show the work in progress while the last images show different views of my finished product.

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Mar 21

The Ultimate Tote Bag

The large “Ultimate Tote Bag” (pattern design of Linda Jeffreys found at Sew Memorable, Dawsonville, Georgia) is very roomy and delightful for carrying items such as a notebook, camera, small laptop, etc. to a research repository. It is versatile enough to even carry your towel, et al to the beach. The pattern calls for two outside pockets on one side of the bag, but you can decide if you want one or two pockets on one or two sides. The design also calls for pockets on the interior of the bag to help organize the tote even more.

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Feb 26

Casserole Kimono

In a December post ofGenea-Quilters ‘Ole Myrt provided a photo of the Casserole Kimono she made for Carrie. I was inspired and thought this would be fun to make for myself and also as a possible house gift visiting friends. Thanks, Myrt, for the post!

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Feb 26

Grids & Grommets

Some women can’t resist a new pair of shoes… Not me, but I must admit that I have a thing for purses and totes (as well as jackets and blazers).

Friday I had the opportunity to spend the day at Sew Memorable (4055 Highway 53 East, Dawsonville, Georgia) constructing a tote-able “Grids & Grommets” bag. Traveling conditions due to the recent winter snow and freeze in North Georgia held the class size down to just two of us–I really enjoyed Barbara’s company.

Jeanne Rish, owner of the quilt shop, gave us excellent advise and guided us as needed.

The shop is chuck-a-block full of delight 100% cotton fabrics. Jeanne has lots of quilts displayed as well as great sample projects. It is an awesome place to gain inspiration!

I remembered to take my camera, but didn’t remember to take very many shots, but the two scrapbook pages that I created will help me keep the day fresh on my mind.


Originally posted in Anemnesis.

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