Feb 26

Scrapbooking Digitally

My iMac is the center of my workday and, frequently, my snatches of creative personal time as well. I have a passion for digital scrapbooking.

Years ago I made efforts to create a traditional scrapbook or two. However, I frequently found myself frustrated. After assembling all the photographs I planned to use (always using a copy and leaving the original unharmed by scissors, glue, or paste), my papers, and tools, and on my dinning room table—traditional scrapbooking takes a lot of layout space—it was not unusual for me to learn that my stockpile did not contain enough of the items I wanted to use. At the time, the nearest store for me to purchase supplies was at least three-quarters of an hour drive one way. The hobby can be very expensive, particular if you want to reproduce your work to distribute to more than one individual!

Then I discovered digital scrapbooking! Now my workspace is neat and takes up very little space. No cluttering the dinning room table—unpacking from storage and putting everything back in storage when my allotted time frame was complete.

I’m pleased to be presenting a session on Digital Scrapbooking at the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois, on Saturday, September 10th.


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