Nov 14

Cabo Bucket Tote & Heavenly Textured Handbag

It is always such a pleasure to complete a sewing project. Today I have double satisfaction as I completed two purses that were in progress. In the photograph, the bag on the left is the Cabo Bucket Tote made with a cheerful winter scene of cardinals and other winter birds. On the right is the Heavenly Textured Handbag (I adapted the pattern a little bit as I did not have any Texture Magic™ on hand).

Which do I like best? The Cabo Bucket Tote wins hands down and not just because I love the patten on the fabric. The Cabo has more pocket, it has a nice little magnet mechanism to give the purse a nice shape, and it uses D-rings to attach the handles which are a nice touch.


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  1. Elaine

    Thanks so much for this post! I was debating about buying the pattern for the Cabo Bucket Tote, but I do believe you have convinced me to try it!

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